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קדיש | Ḳaddish, an abridged paraliturgical reading by Rabbi Daniel Brenner

📖 סידור תהילת ה׳ ידבר פי | Siddur Tehillat Hashem Yedaber Pi, by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (2009)

📄 שחרית לשבת (אשכנז)‏ | Shaḥarit (Shabbat) Nusaḥ Ashkenaz, from Seder Avodat Yisrael (Isaac Seligman Baer, 1868)

“Prayer Unbound” (Hadara Graubart, Tablet Magazine 2009)

“Prayer a la Carte” (Haaretz 2009)

Architecture of the Open Siddur

Jewish Content, Free Culture and “Content Compatibility” by Efraim Feinstein

Development Status (2009-11-11)

Why all the software? by Efraim Feinstein

Preserving Public Domain resources from End User License Agreements in Proprietary Torah Databases

Development Status (2009-09-22)

Spiritual Alienation and the Siddur (PresenTense, 2009)

Invitation to Young Technologists

Development Status (2009-08-23)

Why, davka, an Open Siddur Project by Aharon Varady (2009)

Pirate Siddurim vs. Open Siddurim (2009)

Development: First Pitch from the Hotseat at the PresenTense Start-Up Incubator (2009)

On Sharing Siddur Texts (2009)

PresenTense Institute Summer Workshop 2009