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סֶֽרַח בַּת־אָשֵׁר | Seraḥ bat Asher, a Havdalah Song by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

תפילה למחסן/ת | Prayer for those Administering Vaccinations (Masorti Movement in Israel 2020)

📰 “מאַכט אײַער אייגענעם סידור!‏” (Yoel Matveyev, Yiddish Daily Forverts 2019)

עמידה לשחרית שבת | The Amidah for Shabbat (Morning), by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Announcement of the Count of Years since the Destruction of the (First) Temple, from the Yemenite Baladi-Rite (Tikhlal Ets Ḥayyim of Yiḥya Tsalaḥ)

ἕνας ὁ κύριος | Hénas ho Kýrios, a piyyut in Judeo-Greek for Shavuot (ca. 16th-17th c.)

הספר ששמשו בו הכשדים | Theurgy of the Kasdim, an astral-magic treatise on the seven angels of the week

הרקיע השביעי | The Seventh Heavenly Dome, a description and hymn of divine praise from Sefer ha-Razim

אסו ית ארסינואי | Two healing prayers for Arsinoë’s recovery (Amulets 80.AM.55.1 & 80.AM.55.2, J. Paul Getty Museum)

תהלים ח׳ | Psalms 8, a mizmor of David (translated by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer)

תהלים קמ״ח | Psalms 148: Hallelu-YAH! (translation by Rabbi Arthur Waskow)