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📖 אמרי לב | Prayers and Meditations, and abridged translation by Hester Rothschild (1855) of a collection of teḥinot and paraliturgial prayers by Rabbi Arnaud Aron & Jonas Ennery (1852)


This is an abridged translation by Hester Rothschild in 1855 titled אמרי לב Prayers and Meditations, adapted from Prières d’un Cœur Israelite published by the “Société Consistoriale de Bons Livres” (1848). The original work by Rabbi Arnaud Aron and Jonas Ennery contains tkhines translated into French, prayers by German reformers in French translation, and many additional liturgical translations and paraliturgical prayers. Rothschild’s work presents several prayers in English unique to her compilation by Anglo-Jewish writers.

This second edition (1859) contains revisions and corrections (“there are some additions and many improvements”). This second edition was also later republished without permission in the United States by Isaac Leeser containing additional corrections.



[Hester Rothschild’s preface to her English translation of אמרי לב (1855):]

The following pages are translated and adapted from a little volume in French, entitled Prières d’un Cœur Israélite published by the Société Consistoriale de Bons Havre [in 1848].

In its present form the work is not intended to be used in place of, but as a companion to, the Jewish ritual, to be referred to during the periods of public service when the congregation is not actually employed in prayer, or in receiving pulpit instruction; so that, combined with our sacred ceremonies, it may tend to inspire devotion, and direct the attention to holy thoughts.

It is likewise designed as an aid to domestic and individual worship. We all feel the want of pouring forth the soul’s emotions of joy or sorrow by communion with the Universal Father; general public forms of prayer may not always be adapted to the peculiar exigencies of every mind; the compilers of this work have therefore striven to supply in some measure this spiritual need, by meditations and prayers suited to every situation and occasion in life; and it has been the humble yet anxious endeavour of the translator to preserve the spirit of the original in its English garb. But, as the genius of the French language differs so widely from that of our own, a mere translation of phrases would render this impossible; it has often been found necessary, therefore, to arrange the same ideas in a very different order and form of language to the original, and even sometimes to remodel them altogether; thus this little volume frequently partakes of the character of an adaptation.

Having ventured these remarks in apology for the deviations from the original, the translator trusts the public will receive with lenient judgment this result of the employment of some leisure hours; and if the use of these pages produce but to one member of the Hebrew family anything like the soul’s satisfaction and comfort that have been derived from this “labour of love,” the translator will deem it an ample reward.

Hester Rothschild

LONDON, Adar 28, March 13, 5616, A.M. [1855]

Advertisement to the Second Edition

In offering a Second Edition of אמרי לב Prayers and Meditations to the Anglo-Jewish public, I must remark, that it has been carefully revised and corrected; there are some additions, and likewise, as I hope the reader will consider, many improvements, for which I am indebted to the grammatical and critical knowledge of the Rev. Isaac H. Myers, of Ramsgate, to whom I take this opportunity of presenting my grateful acknowledgments, for his friendly and valuable assistance in the progress of this work. Having received many encouraging assurances that good has resulted from the first fruits of my labour, I am induced to hope that the seeds now sown may be equally productive.

[Hester Rothschild],
London, Tishri 18th, 5620 A.M.,
October 16th, 1859

Table of Contents

On Prayer
Daily Prayers

Morning Prayers

מה טבו Mah Tovu – Prayer on Entering the Synagogue
אדון עולם Adon Olam (Hymn) [translation by Rosa Emma Salaman]
Preparation for Prayer
Morning Prayer
שמע Shema
שמונה עשרה Shemonah Esra
Profession of Faith
After the Confession of Faith

Evening Prayers

שבת Sabbath

On the Holiness of the Sabbath

Various Prayers for the Sabbath-eve

After Public Worship
On Lighting the Sabbath Lamp
A Prayer for Divine Light

Prayers for the Sabbath

Meditation I.
Meditation II.
Prayer before the Sermon
Prayer after the Sermon.
During the Reading of the Law.
Meditation During the Reading of the Law—On the Spirit of the Law of God.
During the Prayer for the Royal Family
The Maxims of the Fathers
Final Prayer for the Sabbath

Prayers Before Retiring to Rest

Self-Examination to be Made Each Night

ראש חדש‏ Rosh Chodesh

On the Shortness of Life

חדש אלול Chodesh Elul

Prayer for the Month Elul
יום א׳ דסליחות Prayer for the First of the Penitential Days Preceding the New Year
Thoughts for the Last Day of the Year

ראש השנה Rosh Hashanah

Prayers for the New Year

Eve of the New Year
Salutary Wishes for the New Year

Prayer whilst the Minister Repeats the Shemonah Esra
During the אתה הוא — Sentiments of Faith
Meditation on the Sacrifice of Abraham After the Reading of the Law on the New Year.
During the Sounding of the Shofar
Meditation Before the Additional Service

Meditations for the Penitential Days

First Day
Second Day—The Voice of Conscience.
Third Day—On the Ruling Predominant Fault.
Fourth Day—The Iniquity of Evil Examples.
Fifth Day—On the Duties of Every-Day Life
Sixth Day—The Illusions of the Sinner
Seventh Day—Eve of the Day of Atonement

יום כיפור Yom Kipour

Eve of the Day of Atonement

Prayer After Self-Examination

Evening Service

Prayer on Entering the House of God
Meditation during the כל נדרי
Prayer before the First Confession
Prayer previous to the Second Confession—Sentiments of Repentance
Prayer after the Second Confession
Prayer on Forming Good Resolutions
The Essential Conditions for Obtaining Mercy
Meditations on Eternity
Meditation after the Second Confession

שחרית The Morning Service

The Morning Haphtorah
Reflections on the Preceding Chapter
הזכרות נשמות In Memory of the Dead
During the Prayer for the Martyrs.

מוסף Mousaph

Prayer Before מוסף
Prayer when the Minister Recommences מוסף
Prayer During the אתה הוא Ata Hou.
Promise of Amendment
האוחז ביד מדת משפט‏ Profession of Faith
On the Love of God

מנחה Mincha

Meditation ON The Death of the Righteous and that of the Sinner
איתן Supplication in Virtue of the Faith of Abraham.
After the Confession of Mincha
Thoughts On The Judgment Day

נעילה Neila

After the Confession of the Evening Service – Resolution for Persevering in Good
Intercession for Relatives and Friends.
Final Prayer

סוכות Sukkoth

Evening Service for the Two First Days of Tabernacle
After Shemona Esra
Morning Service for the Feast of Tabernacles
Meditation Before the Blessing of the Citron and Palm
Meditation after the Reading of the Law—On Perseverance in Good Resolves.
Prayer when the Minister Repeats the Shemonah Esra in Mousaph
Meditation whilst the Loulav is Being Carried in Procession

הושענה רבה‏ Hoschana Rabba


שמני עצרת‏ Shemina Etzereth

On the Vanity of Earthly Possessions.
Thanks for the Harvest and Prayer for a Favourable Winter

שמחת תורה Simchath Thora

On the Day of the Rejoicing of the Law

חנוכה Chanouka

על הניסים Al Hanisim
Prayer on Lighting the Lamp of Chanouka
Prayer for the Feast of Chanouka.

תענית אסתר‏ Taanis Esther

Prayer for the Fast Instituted by Esther

פורים Purim

על הניסים Al Hanisim

פסח Passover


Passover-Eve Service

Prayer for the Two First Nights of Passover.

Paschal Evening

Prayer Before Sitting at Table
Recital or Lecture

Passover Morning Service

Whilst the Minister Repeats Shemona Esra
Submission to the Will of God
Meditations During the Reading of the Law—On Immortality

Additional Service for the Two First Days of Passover

Prayer for God’s Blessing on the Harvest

Evening Service for the two last nights of Passover

Morning Service for the Two Last Days of Passover

Meditation on the Symbols of Passover
Additional Service for the Two Last Days

שבועות Shevuous

Evening Service for the Two Days

Prayer for the Two Evenings of Pentecost

Morning Service for the Two Days of Pentecost

Prayer whilst the Minister Repeats Shemona Esra.
The Decalogue — Meditation During the Reading of the Law
First Commandment
The Second Commandment
Third Commandment
Fourth Commandment
The Fifth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment
The Seventh Commandment
The Eighth Commandment
The Ninth Commandment
The Tenth Commandment

Final Prayer

During Mousaph מוסף on both days of Pentecost whilst the Shemona Esra is repeated

תשעה באב Tischah Beav


תענית Taanis

For a Fast-Day

Religious Initiation

Prayer Before the Initiation

Prayer after the Confirmation
Prayer to be Said by the Parents on the Day of Initiation
Prayer to be Used by those Present at the Ceremony
The Parent’s Blessing

The Marriage Service

Private Prayer to be Used by the Bride on the Bridal Morning
Prayer to be Said by the Bride after the Ceremony
Prayer to be Said by the Bridegroom
Prayer to be Used by the Bride’s Parents
Prayer to be Used by the Bridegroom’s Parents.
Prayer to be Used by Those Who Assist at the Ceremony.

Prayers for the Use of Children

A Child’s Morning Prayer
A Child’s Prayer at Table
A Child’s Evening Prayer
Prayer Before Receiving Instruction
Prayer After the Lesson
A Child’s Prayer for His Parents
A Child’s Prayer for an Invalid

Special Prayers and Meditations

Submission to the Divine Will
Act of Homage
An Appeal to Divine Mercy
Thoughts on Charity
רבון כל העולמים‏ Ribon kol HaOlamim—Expression of Humiliation
Supplication in Sorrow
Expression of Grace after a Fortunate Recovery
Resolution to Amend
יהי רצון Yehi Ratzon—To Ask of God Perseverance in Good
To Ask Mercy for Oneself or Another
In a Time of Public Calamity.
To Ask for Return to Piety.
Prayer for Maintenance
Meditation in Prosperity
Prayer for Patience
Resignation in Adversity
Prayer In Poverty
A Servant’s Prayer
Prayers on Setting Out on a Journey
In Favour of a Friend Setting Out on a Journey.
A Father’s Prayer
A Mother’s Prayer
A Husband’s Prayer
A Wife’s Prayer
Prayer of an Unhappy Wife
A Widow’s Prayer
An Orphan’s Prayer
Prayer of a Young Girl
A Child’s Blessing for His Parents
Meditation in Old Age
Prayer for Future Life
Prayer for a Young Girl Before Her Betrothal
Prayer of an Affianced Bride.
A Mother’s Prayer on the Day of the Circumcision of Her Son.
A Mother’s Prayer on the Sabbath on which Her Daughter is Named
Prayer for a Mother on Entering the Synagogue after her Confinement
Prayer in Sickness
Prayer in Behalf of the Sick
Prayer for Sick Parents
Prayer on Behalf of a Sick Husband or Wife
A Mother’s Prayer on Behalf of Her Sick Child
Prayer for a Convalescent
Preparation in a Serious Illness
Sentiments of Penitence
Prayer on Entering a New Habitation

Meditations for Each Day of the Week

Meditation for Sunday The First Day—On Faith


Meditation for Monday The Second Day—On the Love of God


Meditation for Tuesday The Third Day—On the Love of Thy Neighbour


Meditation for Wednesday The Fourth Day—On False Shame in Matters of Religion


Meditation for Thursday The Fifth Day—On Our Duties as Israelites


Meditation for the Eve of the Sabbath


Various Meditations for Sabbaths and Festivals

I. The Mission of Israel
II. On the Unity of God
III. On Public Worship

Prayers for the Sick and Dying

Thoughts on Eternity
Confession for the Sick
Prayers to be Said with the Dying

Burial Service

הצור תמים פעלו Resignation

Prayer Said in the House of Mourning or on the Anniversary of a Death

קדיש Kaddish
Prayer for Deceased Parents During the Eleven Months of Mourning and on the Anniversary of their Death
On the Anniversary of a Father’s Death
Prayer on the Anniversary of a Mother’s Death

Meditations and Prayers on Visiting the Graves of Those We Loved

On the Eve of New Year and the Day of Atonement
At a Father’s Grave
At a Mother’s Grave
At a Husband’s Grave
At a Wife’s Grave
Prayer at a Brother’s or Sister’s Grave
At a Grandfather’s Grave
A Parent’s Prayer at a Child’s Grave
At the Grave of a Friend or Relative
At the Grave of a Benefactor
On Setting a Tombstone
On Leaving the Cemetery




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