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📖 The Helpful Manual, by Rabbi Clifton Harby Levy (Centre of Jewish Science 1927)

The Helpful Manual is a prayerbook containing reflections, supplications, and affirmations expressing the teachings of the then nascent Jewish Science movement, prepared by one of the movement’s founders, Rabbi Clifton Harby Levy in 1927, on behalf of the Centre of Jewish Science. (The Jewish Science movement was at the time intended to counter the popularity of the Christian Science movement among Jews in the United States.) Each of the prayers in the manual is preceded by a short reflection, often but not always written in the first person, that serves as an intention for what is motivating the prayer, whatever the concern, need, or desire.


This work is in the Public Domain due to its having been published more than 95 years ago.

This hand-book of Jewish Science is offered to supply the great need of the multitude for a brief presentation of the ways in which our mode of higher scientific living, as applied to Judaism, utilizes every well tested method of securing the well being of body, mind and Spirit, bringing health, happiness and lasting success to every one who uses it diligently.

Each section is brief, because we want that which will aid us most in the simplest, most compact form.

It is offered gladly for the use of all in need, when they require help most.

As the first publication put forth by THE BERTHA STRAUSS MEMORIAL PUBLICATION FUND, we feel sure that it will be accepted as a proper tribute to one of the pioneers in the JEWISH SCIENCE movement.



Applying Judaism to Life
I Want to Pray
I Seek Health and Healing
Bringing Health to the Home
I Feel Nervous and Upset
Peace Within
I Must Not Worry
Facing Temptation
Thy Will Be Done!
Facing Eternity


For Very Young Children
Before Sleeping
Morning Prayer

For Older Children
Night Prayer
Morning Prayer

Bible Thoughts

Our Affirmation




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