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מחזור השלם לראש השנה (נוסח האר״י)‏ | Maḥzor haShalem l’Rosh haShanah, translated and arranged by Paltiel Birnbaum (1958)



Compiled and translated by Paltiel (Philip) Birnbaum, the bilingual Hebrew-English Maḥzor ha-Shalem l’Rosh ha-Shanah (“Sephardic-Ḥasidic,” 1958) was part of a two volume set of maḥzorim Paltiel arranged following the publication of his Ashkenaz maḥzor for Rosh ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur in 1951 (also published by the Hebrew Publishing Co.).

“Sephardic” here does not refer to the liturgical custom of the Sepharadim, but rather to the liturgical custom of the ḥassidim who followed the school of Lurianic Kabbalah (a/k/a the nusaḥ ha-ARI z”l). Non-ḥassidic Jews referred to this “new” liturgical custom as “Sephardic” as it contained some liturgical customs familiar to some branches of the sepharadi diaspora. The term stuck and has been a familiar source of confusion for newcomers to Jewish prayer ever since.

This work is in the Public Domain due to the lack of a copyright renewal by the copyright holder listed in the copyright notice (a condition required for works published in the United States between January 1st 1924 and January 1st 1964).

This work was scanned by Aharon Varady for the Open Siddur Project from a volume held in the collection of the Varady family, Cincinnati, Ohio. (Thank you!) This work is cross-posted to the Internet Archive, as a repository for our transcription efforts.

Scanning this work (making digital images of each page) is the first step in a more comprehensive project of transcribing each prayer and associating it with its translation. You are invited to participate in this collaborative transcription effort!

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