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זמירות המזרח: מחזור ליום כפור | Zemirot haMizraḥ: Maḥzor for Yom Kippur, by Daniel Cayre (Kanisse 2021) זמירות המזרח: מחזור ליום כפור | Zemirot haMizraḥ: Maḥzor for Yom Kippur, by Daniel Cayre (Kanisse 2021) 2021-09-02 10:44:42 A bilingual Hebrew-English Sepharadi Jewish prayerbook (maḥzor) for Yom Kippur, with gender inclusive language, compiled and translated by Daniel Cayre for Kanisse: a Modern Sephardic + Mizrahi Community. Text the Open Siddur Project Daniel J. Cayre Daniel J. Cayre Kanisse Daniel J. Cayre Maḥzorim for Yom haKippurim Nusaḥ Sefaradi traditional egalitarian gender inclusive 21st century C.E. 58th century A.M.


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Zemirot HaMizraḥ is the first and (so far) only Sephardic/Mizraḥi egalitarian and inclusive Hebrew and English maḥzor of its kind. With full English translation and select transliteration, this abridged Yom Kippur prayerbook provides traditional texts with egalitarian and inclusive revisions, alternative options for those desiring more contemporary prayer, and extended versions of traditional prayers in its appendix. Spanning four distinct traditions, our maḥzor includes the full liturgy of the following rites: Moroccan, Eastern Communities (“‘Edot HaMizraḥ”, including Iraqi, Persian and communities of West/Central Asia), Syrian, and Spanish-Portuguese. The prayerbook’s title, which translates as “Songs of the East,” highlights the musical traditions of the Sephardic and Mizraḥi world, with lyrical translation of piyutim that can be sung to traditional Hebrew melodies.


This maḥzor is shared by its creator and copyright steward, Daniel Cayre (Kenisse Press), for use by the Open Siddur Project community under the default license of the Open Siddur Project. Thank you!




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