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Abridged Prayer Book for Jews in the Army and Navy of the United States, by the National Jewish Welfare Board (1917)


This work is in the Public Domain due to its having been published before January 1st 1924.


In April, 1917, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, the Council of Young Men’s Hebrew and Kindred Associations, the Jewish Publication Society of America, the Agudath ha-Rabbonim, and the United Synagogue of America joined in forming a Board to minister to the religious welfare of Jews in the Army and Navy of the United States. The Jewish Publication Society of America offered to publish an abridged Prayer Book for these men if an agreement as to the text could be reached. A committee of three was formed, consisting of Dr. Cyrus Adler, representing the United Synagogue of America, Dr. William Rosenau, representing the Central Conference of American Rabbis, and Dr. Bernard Drachman, representing the Union of Orthodox Congregations. The present volume has been prepared under their direction.

The Hebrew text and English translation of Singer’s Prayer Book have been followed, except that all extracts from the Bible have been made to conform to the new translation issued by the Jewish Publication Society of America. Passages omitted in the Union Prayer Book issued by the Central Conference of American Rabbis have been indicated by a star. In cases where part of a paragraph is omitted, a star is also placed at the end of that part.

The festival services are adopted from the “Prayer Book for Jewish Sailors and Soldiers” prepared for the British Navy and Army.

This volume, which, it is hoped, may prove of strength and comfort to our young men offering their lives in the noble cause for which America has entered the war, is not intended in any way to supersede existing books of prayer, and is designed solely for the emergency for which it is being published.

August, 1917
Elul, 5677


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