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עלת תמיד | Olath Tamid: Book of Prayers for Israelitish Congregations, by David Einhorn (1st English ed. 1872)

This is עלת תמיד Olath Tamid by Rev. Dr. David Einhorn (1809-1878), in its first English/Hebrew edition (1872), after its initial publication in three German/Hebrew editions (1856, enlarged 1858/1862). Rabbi Dr. Dalia Marx writes:

Rabbi David Einhorn’s prayer book `Olat Tamid (lit. the perpetual sacrifice)…first penned in Germany, served as the model for the Union Prayer Book,….the prayer book of the American Reform movement for almost eight decades. It reflected what is now called “classical Reform,” eliminating prayers for the restoration of Zion, mentions of the messiah, and bodily resurrection of the dead, while diminishing mentions of Jewish chosenness and the like.

Printed by DEUTSCH GOLDERMAN, Baltimore, Md.


THE favorable reception which my Olath Tamid has met with, going through three editions, encourages me to issue it in English translation, with some emendations, suggested mainly by Dr. FELSENTHAL of Chicago.

May it contribute, in its new garb, to the edification of my English-speaking brethren in faith, and meet with as friendly a reception as was accorded it in the old!

Dr. D. Einhorn, July 1872
364 W. 55th St., New York.


Service for Sabbath Evening
Morning Service for the Sabbath
Prayer for Sabbath Shekalim
Prayer for Sabbath Zakhor
Prayer for Sabbath Parah
Prayer for Sabbath Ha’hodesh
Prayer for Sabbath ‘Hanukkah
Consecration Prayer for a new-born Child
Prayer for a newly-married Couple
Prayer for a sick person
Prayer of thanks for Deliverance from danger
Prayer for filial or parental Mourning Anniversaries
Prayer for the Sabbath coinciding with or preceding the New-moon
Service for the Evenings of Passover etc
Morning Service for Passover
Morning Service for Pentecost
Morning Service for Succoth
Morning Service for Atzereth
Service for the Eve of New Year’s Day
Morning Service for New Year’s Day
Service for the Eve of the Day of Atonement
Morning Service for the Day of Atonement
Afternoon Service for the Day of Atonement
Commemoration of the Dead
Evening Service for the Day of Atonement
Morning Service for the Anniversary of the Destruction of Jerusalem
Morning Service for Week-days and Semi-holidays
Wedding Ceremonial
A Dying Man’s Confession of Sins and Faith
Burial Ceremonies
Service in the House of Mourning
Reception of Proselytes
Domestic Service: Morning and Evening Prayers, and Grace before and after Meals
Domestic Service: On the Eve of Passover
Triennial Cycle of Readings from the Pentateuch with the Haphtaroth

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