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The Samaritan Liturgy in two volumes (transcribed by A.E. Cowley)

Arthur Earnest Cowley’s transcription of a 13th or 14th century manuscript of an Israelite-Samaritan defter held in the Vatican library (V 3. Ff. 193, vellum, sm. 4to.). Besides prayers, the second volume also contains an introduction, list of manuscripts used, and a glossary of terms in Samaritan Aramaic, among other materials. A critical translation made in English based upon this transcription was made by Solomon Brown as his dissertation at the University of Leeds in 1955. Solomon Brown also, crucially, provides the order in which this liturgy is arranged.

Making digital images of these works available is the first step in our process of making the entire corpus of Samaritan liturgy, machine-readable (copy-pastable and searchable). If you would like to take part in the transcription of this work, please join our opensiddur-tech discussion group.

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