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📖 (אשכנז) We Sing We Stay Together: Shabbat Morning Service Prayers (Richard Collis 2022)

In 2019, Richard Collis released an album providing recordings of the prayers for the Shabbat Morning Services, from Nishmat til the end of Musaf, We Sing We Stay Together: Shabbat Morning Service Prayers. Accompanying liner notes included the romanized Hebrew text for each recorded prayer track, with an original translation in English below each sung phrase. Describing it he wrote, “The 64 track music CD album set We Sing We Stay Together of the Shabbat Morning Service Prayers, and a companion Sing-Along Prayer Book of the same name (to make it beyond easy to learn) is designed to help everyone access the beauty of their Judaic heritage, no prior knowledge required. These prayers belong to all of us.” In 2022, Collis released a follow-up edition with translations in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian. This is Richard Collis’s sing-a-long prayerbook for Shabbat morning in English.





Our Jewish prayers are beautiful love songs; full of goodness, affection, adoration, hope, kindness and generosity. They are our DNA, even if we do not know them, because these prayers, our religion, have moulded the Jewish people; our way of thinking, education, who we are, and what we represent. Judaism is all about being good and positive for oneself, family, community, the wider world – all out of respect and love for Hashem. It fills me with gratitude, humility, and pride.

I love those moments of the Shabbat morning service when the whole congregation sings, all of us as one, a few of our prayers with tender melodies.

Community is all about family and friends, and we are all friends, it is actually written in one of our prayers. Friends sing together, it so warms our hearts.

Singing a prayer is not like singing a song, they are not just any words. Some are crying out to be sung with great happiness because we love Hashem with all our heart, and all our soul. Some tell us to sanctify clearly and harmoniously, and that Hashem wants us to sing tuneful songs of praise to Him. Some are serious, some sad, some educational, but all were written with intent and purpose by the greatest scholars ever produced by our people.

I dedicate this work of contributing more melodies for the Shabbat morning prayers to all who love and care for Jewish Continuity, Judaism, Torah, and the Nation-State of the Jewish People, Israel; and so also to all our wonderful friends, the righteous among the nations.

Remember to remember; when we share prayer melodies we are connected and together forever, and when we sing together we stay together because there is that lovely feeling of being amongst friends.

AM ISRAEL CHAI – the people of Israel live.

With love, and hope for our children,

Richard Collis




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