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📖 הגדה שיר געולה | Haggadah Shir Ge’ulah (Song of Liberation) for Passover, by Rabbi Emily Aviva Kapor-Mater

Haggadah Shir Ge’ulah, the Song of Liberation, is a new Haggadah for Passover. It is at once traditional and radical, featuring egalitarian Hebrew and English, full transliteration, progressive theology, and a focus on modern issues of oppression and liberation. It is my hope that this Haggadah will elicit questions from all participants, and that everyone will find something in it to challenge them: both people steeped in Jewish learning and used to traditional texts, and also people who are new to the Passover seder or are coming from different worldviews and ideologies.

The Haggadah is made available for download in PDF format on a pay-what-you-can basis. If you download it, please consider donating what you are able; this is the labor I want to do in this world, and you will be helping to support me in producing more work like this in the future. You can also purchase printed, spiral-bound copies, and if you order soon, I will ship Priority Mail to you so you will have it in time for Pesach next week!

In the spirit of freedom and openness, Haggadah Shir Ge’ulah is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license in order to facilitate sharing, adapting, and building upon the material in this work.

המחברת מקדישה את הגדה זו
לכל אחיותיה ואחיה העבריים
אשר חיים את חייהם בפחד וסכנה
פשוט על שם קיימותם כמו שהם
ולזכר נשמות כל אלה
שנפצעו ונרצחו
ונדחפו להתאבדות
על ידי עולם שעדיין לא מעניק להם אנושיות
יהי רצון שנראה שחרור אמיתי לכל יושבי תבל בקרוב
ת׳ נ׳ צ׳ ב׳ ה׳
The author dedicates this Haggadah
to all her transgender siblings
who live their lives in fear and danger
simply for existing as who they are,
and to the memory of those
who have been injured or murdered
or driven to take their own lives,
by a world that does not yet regard them as human.
May we soon see true liberation for all humanity.




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