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סדר אל־תוחיד | Seder al-Tawḥid for Rosh Ḥodesh Nissan

This is a project page for our transcription of the Seder al-Tawḥid for Rosh Ḥodesh Nissan, compiled by Mosheh Asher ibn Shmuel in 1887 in Alexandria and printed by Ḥayim Mizraḥi. The text is mostly Judeo-Arabic with some prayers in Hebrew.

For more information on this text, please consult the research of Dr. Ezra Fleischer. Joel S. Davidi Weisberger notes, “The liturgy is found in a somewhat longer form in a tenth century manuscript fragment from the Cairo Geniza.” For more on this fragment known as the First Order of Fustat, please consult here.

Many thanks to the HUC Klau library (Cincinnati) for providing this copy of the Seder al-Tawḥid that we have imaged.

Our complete transcription of this text will be made available here once it has been proofread. If you would like to participate in the proofreading and/or translation of this work, please contact us.

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