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Yitsḥaq ibn Gayat (1038-1089), spiritual leader of Lucena in the kingdom of Granada, wrote more than 400 liturgical poems with many allusions to the science and philosophy of his day. He also wrote commentaries on tractates of the Talmud and a lengthy commentary on Ecclesiastes.
Rabbi Moshe ben Yehudah ibn Makhir was a kabbalist who flourished among the luminaries in 16th century Tsfat. He is best known for the author of the waking prayer "Modeh Ani" and for his work Seder HaYom, printed for the first time in Venice in 1599. He also founded a yeshiva in the village of Ein Zeitoun (near Tsfat).
Ya'qub Ibn Yusuf
Ya'qub Ibn Yusuf is the proprietor of Olam Qatan bookstore in South Jerusalem. A really wonderful story of his personal journey can be found on youtube, here.
IfNotNow Chicago
IfNotNow is a call to action in the Jewish community to stand together for freedom and dignity for all people; to end our support for the Occupation.

בסיעתא דארעא