Testing the Display of Hebrew in Your Web Browser


Click here for a comprehensive look into how Hebrew is being rendered in your web browser.

Web Browsers Supporting the Correct Display of Hebrew with Diacritical Marks (T’amim and Niqudot)

This website uses a standard technique for displaying custom digital fonts in your web browser. If your web browser does not support CSS @font-face or the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding schema, the typography will rely on the default settings in your browser or terminal and operating system.

If Hebrew is not rendering correctly in your browser, the root of your problem might be in your web browser, the default Hebrew font used by your web browser, or your operating system.

  • For correct presentation in graphical (GUI) web browsers, we recommend current versions of the open-source Mozilla Firefox or Chromium browser and its variants (Opera, Chrome).
  • For correct presentation in text-based (CLI or terminal) web browsers, we recommend using the open-source w3m with mlterm.

Digital Fonts Supporting the Full Range of Hebrew Diacritics

Click here to download the Open Siddur Unicode Hebrew Font Pack.