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Off-site Tools & Resources

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The Open Siddur is only one example of a host of projects working to transcend the impositions of copyright laws while sharing, remixing, and redistributing the products of our intellectual Commons. There are a number of related projects in Open Source Judaism today whose use of free-culture compatible open content and open source licensing is profoundly affecting Jewish education and cultural vitality. If you have a link to add to this list, please contact us. (For our legacy, “environmental scan” of comparative, complementary, competing, and collaborative projects, circa 2009, see here.)

Open-source Licensed Jewish Content

Rabbinic and other Jewish Literature

Hebrew Wikisource: a Wiki for Hebrew Texts. Includes transcriptions of Biblical and Rabbinic source texts.
Orayta: a Torah database of rabbinic Jewish texts
Sefaria: an advanced interface for accessing Biblical and Rabbinic source-text, and preparing custom source-sheets.
The Ben-Yehudah Project: Modern Hebrew literature and poetry in the Public Domain, digitized.

Liturgists and Scholars

Mechon Hadar: the umbrella institution of Yeshivat Hadar
Davar Akher the blog of Judaics scholar, Simon Halloway.
Neohasid.org, Rabbi David Seidenberg and friend’s liturgy, songs, and divrei tefillah
Triganza, Trisha Arlin’s liturgy, poetry, and prose.

Open-source Software

Hebrew Calendar: the venerable, open-source and free-culture licensed Hebrew calendar. (Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, too!)
PocketTorah: Open Source Software for learning kriyat hatorah.
Culmus Project: Hebrew fonts
Hspell: creating an open-source Hebrew spell-checker and Hebrew morphological analyzer
Lenaked: auto-nikkud software
Nakdan: semi-automatic diacritics tool based on Wiktionary (by Culmus Project!)
Hebrew Nikud Toolbar extension for OpenOffice and LibreOffice, based on word lists from Hspell
qhOCR: a Qt interface for Kobi Zamir’s hOCR (Hebrew OCR) project for the OCR of Hebrew with niqqud. (Kobi Zamir also wrote a GUI for Hspell!)
ScanTailor: a tool for digital archivists creating page images (scans) from books or other printed works

Image and Audio Archives

All content shared in these archives is free to adapt, remix, and redistribute per the terms of Creative Commons free-culture licenses or Public Domain dedications.

The Internet Archive
Wikimedia Commons
LibriVox: archive of Public Domain Audiobook recordings. (Includes recordings of work shared by the Open Siddur Project!)

Searching for Open Content

Google Images: click on “search tools” and “labeled for reuse with modifications”

Public Domain (except for translations)

Digital Humanities Projects

Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Archive: for the Friedberg Genizah Project
Dead Sea Scrolls Project
Online Critical Pseudepigrapha
The Internet Sacred Text Archive: Sacred texts from across the world transcribed and proofread by John B. Hare.
The World English Bible translation project
The Westminster Leningrad Codex: digital edition of the Leningrad Codex, graciously shared in the Public Domain
Open Scriptures: platform for the development of open scriptural linked data and its applications
Rabbinic Traditions (English translations of Talmudic sources available nowhere else)
JTS Manuscript Collection

Piyyutim and Zemirot

Iyunei Tefila (Hebrew)
Zemirot Database
The Sephardic Pizmonim Project: An important project to digitize the tradition of Pizmonim among Sepharadi Jewry.
Zemereshet: Database of Hebrew Lyrics
The Piyyut Project (now at the NLI. Old site is archived here.)

Invaluable Tools (not explicitly open-source)

Jewish Calendar Year Conversion Tool (JewishGen)
Hebrew Braile Conversion Tool (JBI International)
Naqdan (for adding niqqud to unpointed (unvoweled/vocalized) Hebrew text)
DeepL Machine Translation
charaktêres (for investigating magical scripts)

The Public Domain & Copyright: Terminology, Tools, and Articles

Copyright and Judaism

Copyright: Sacred Text, Technology and the DMCA by David Nimmer, 2001 (book)
Copyright in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Authorship and Originality by David Nimmer, 2001
Maharam of Padua v. Giustiniani, The 16th century Origins of the Jewish Law of Copyright by Neil Weinstock Netanel, 2007
Lessons from Maharam Banet’s Clash With the Ḥatam Sofer Over Copyright in the Roedelheim Maḥzor by David Nimmer, 2008
Rabbi Banet’s Charming Snake by David Nimmer, 2009
Is Copyright Property? — The Debate in Jewish Law by Neil Netanel and David Nimmer, 2011

International & United States Copyright Law

Stanford Copyright Renewal Database
Cornell University Public Domain Chart
Project Gutenberg: On Sweat of the Brow Copyright
Bridgeman Art Library, ltd., vs. Corel Corporation: Case law on the Public Domain status of reproductions of art in the Public Domain. (It’s permitted for two dimensional images.)
Wikipedia: Length of Copyright Term by Country
Rightsback: a “termination of transfer” for authors to regain their rights over their copyright signed away to a publisher
How to share a Youtube video with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

Comparative Religious Free-Culture Advocacy

the Jewish Free-Culture Society (parent of the Open Siddur Project)
Open Source Yoga Unity
Omega Alpha | Open Access: Advocate for open access publishing in religion and theology

Free-Culture Authorities & Advocacy Orgs

The Free Culture Foundation: maintainer of the definition of Freedom
The Open Knowledge Foundation: maintainer of the Open definition
The Open Source Initiative: maintainer of the Open Source definition
Question Copyright
The Free Software Foundation
Software Freedom Law Center

Terminology of Open-source: Definitions and Disambiguation

The Commons

Creative Work as Property

The “Free-Culture Movement

The Standard Definitions of Free and Open

      • The Definition of “Free Cultural Works” (as maintained by the Free Culture Foundation)
      • The Definition of “Open” and “Open Service” (as maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation)
      • The Definition of “Open Source” (as maintained by the Open Source Initiative)

Open-source Licensing

Open-source Judaism