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Siddur Class: Sourcesheets from Amit Gvaryahu’s Shiur on Tefillah

Talmud Yerushalmi: Berakhot 5:5 (9D)

אמ’ ר’ שמואל בר נחמני. אם כיוונתה את ליבך בתפילה תהא מבושר שנשמעה תפילתך.‏
ומה טעם. “תכין לבם תקשיב אזניך”.‏
R. Samuel b. Nahmani said: if you directed your heart in prayer, know that your prayer is heard.
Why? Prepare their heart – make your ears hear. (Psalms 10:17)
Tefillah Course 1 Maker of Nights TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 2 Maker of Alternative nights TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 3 Love at first sight TXT ODT PDF
— Birkat Ahava (Palestinian version) TXT ODT PDF
— Additional Sources on Birkat Ahava TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 4 Re-Deeming Redemption TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 5 Are You Afraid of the Dark TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 6 No Time to Pray TXT ODT PDF
Tefillah Course 7 Say it Like you Mean it TXT ODT PDF

We are grateful to Amit Gvaryahu for sharing his sourcesheets for his Siddur class at Yeshivat Hadar’s 90@190 Open Beit Midrash this past summer 5771/2011, and for sharing his translations with a CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

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