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A Kavvanah for Paying Taxes, by Zach Teutsch

https://opensiddur.org/?p=36931 A Kavvanah for Paying Taxes, by Zach Teutsch 2021-04-28 15:26:52 A kavvanah for clarifying and elevating the activity of tax preparation. Text the Open Siddur Project Zach Teutsch Zach Teutsch https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Zach Teutsch https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ National Tax Day (15 April) 58th century A.M. English vernacular prayer American Jewry of the United States tithing צדק צדק תרדוף tsedeq tsedeq tirdof United States social justice 21st century C.E.

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Here I sit,
ready to pay my taxes
and invest in this community’s future.

I believe that government can make lives better.
We can solve problems together
that none of us can solve alone.

We need
clear water,
clean air,
and healthy communities
to thrive.

We need
and roads
to live and grow.

Social security allows people
to retire with dignity
and a safety net
to support us all
when we find hard times.

Through government,
we extinguished polio,
explored space,
connected the country,
sequenced the genome,
created a national parks system,
and achieved near-universal literacy.

Through programs funded by our tax dollars,
we support
essential nutrition and food programs for families,
world-class science that cures diseases,
and aid to nations around the world
less economically secure than our own.

I am grateful for these blessings
and proud to participate
in making all that possible
by contributing part of my earnings
to invest in my community.

I worked hard for this money,
and I know these tax dollars
are an essential part
of building the country I want
to continue
to fight for
to make better.

“Tax Intention” by Zach Teutsch was first published by the author via his Facebook and Twitter pages on 26 April 2021, writing “Last week, a client said ‘I am a Democrat, I believe in taxes’ and it led to a discussion about creating an intention people can say before paying their taxes–to help us see it as a moment to feel inspired rather than annoyed.”


Tax Intention (Values Added Financial 2021)




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