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Prayer for the United States on Thanksgiving Day, by Rabbi Sabato Morais (25 November 1852)


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Almighty Sovereign!
whose kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting.
To thee alone we bow reverently,
and gratefully thank thy goodness.
Thou hast bid Nature to smile on the earth,
and she, obedient to thy supreme will,
has liberally opened to us her treasuries.
The former and the latter rains
have irrigated the soil in their due season,
and the inhabitants of the land
have rejoiced in plenty.
Grant, O, God!
that we may deserve still further
thy boundless mercy
through our love of thee.
O, may this love ever thrill within us,
even when our immortal soul
shall take its flight among the blessed!
Ruler of the Universe!
we invoke thy invaluable benediction over this country,
which has been to thy chosen people a haven of salvation.
Deign to bless it,
with its institutions,
with its illustrious chiefs,
and its generous people.
May neither sword nor oppression approach its borders,
but peace and happiness be its bulwarks.
Stretch forth thy helping hand
to the newly elected president of this commonwealth,
that his guidance may add vigor and stability
to the whole Union.
Bless all the strangers
who have sought an asylum from tyranny
in this palladium of liberty.
Bless all men,
of whatever creed,
of whatever denomination,
who, like us, have met this day
to acknowledge thy infinite goodness.
Bless the sick;
sustain them on their beds of sorrow;
hearken to their groans,
and send a speedy cure to their pains.
Bless all those who suffer
in the secret recesses of their souls;
inspire them with resignation to thy inserutable will;
infuse in them a hope of a full recompense
in a happier life, when felicity will be unalloyed.
Bless this community;
and may their motto be, now and ever,
“Religion and Freedom,”
so that both may join to procure them
temporal and spiritual weal.
Bless our young and our old;
our schools and our teachers;
and may all our endeavors tend
to the glory of Thee,
O, beneficent and gracious Father
to all thy children,

This prayer is found in conclusion to “A Sermon Delivered on Thanksgiving Day (November 25, 1852) Before the Congregation Mikvé Israel at their Synagogue in Cherry Street by the Rev. S. Morais, Reader of the Congregation,” pp. 10-11.


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