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Teach Us to Be Thankful, by Rabbi Louis M. Epstein (1962)


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Almighty God,
we pray Thee this day
for the gift of a tranquil spirit,
a spirit of contentment with our daily portion
from Thine hand.
When Thou openest Thine hand
and satisfiest every living thing with favor,
ours is the glory of praising Thy name.
As Thou sendest forth Thy sun
to shed its light on Thy handiwork,
so causest Thou the blessings of the field and the orchard
to yield daily sustenance to all Thy children.
If our spirit, therefore, lacks tranquility
and our soul is in want of contentment,
it is because we fail to thank Thee, O Lord,
for Thy goodness to us,
and Thy fatherly care of us,
day by day,
because we spend our peace of the day
in worry of the morrow.
Oh, that we would sense in our life’s experience
the steadiness and the certainty of Thy providence!
Oh, that we were not ever building sky-high defenses
against the rover that might come,
and thus end our years
in the fear of a shadow.
Teach us, O Lord,
to thank Thee day by day,
and thus continually bless Thy name
for ever and ever.

“Teach Us to Be Thankful” by Rabbi Louis M. Epstein was first published in Rabbi Morrison David Bial’s anthology, An Offering of Prayer (1962), p. 36, from where this prayer was transcribed.






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