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Invocation for Meeting, by Rabbi Morrison David Bial (1962)


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O Lord:
At this time of our assembly
do we ask Thy blessing
on ourselves
and on our homes,
on our children
and our Temple
which we have dedicated to Thee
and Thy service.
We know that the profoundest service
is the dedication of ourselves
to that which is noble
and of deep spiritual worth.
So our congregation,
an assembly joined to work
for our common good,
the benefit of our children,
our community
and the welfare of our brothers here
and beyond the seas,
endeavors to move ever nearer
to the realization of Judaism
and the Jewish life.
May we in our ardent labors
ever keep before us
the idea of the brotherhood of Israel
as well as the Fatherhood of God.
May the import of our religion
ever be expressed concretely
in our daily actions.
So before God and man
will our Temple and its members
be considered a blessing.

“Meeting Invocation” by Rabbi Morrison David Bial was first published in his anthology, An Offering of Prayer (1962), p. 75, from where this prayer was transcribed.






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