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Peas on Earth, a song by the Jewish environmental educators of the Teva Learning Center (Fall 2010)

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Peas on Earth (everybody now)
Peas on Earth — you’ve got to
Grab a fork and lettuce work
For Peas on Earth

Come animals and pea-ple, each and every one
Let’s start a revolution, powered by the sun
Bees and worms and unicorns, every human bean
We’ll sow the seeds of happiness and plant some joy between

We’ll work the soil together, beeting hearts unite
Our faith will bloom and blossom, reaching toward the light
Squash all melon-cauliiness, dreams take root below
If we give our garden love and carrots bound to grow.

A pear of hands to nurture, and turnip soil for good
Weeds are quite dill-ightful just misunderstood
Watering with wishes, the bounty starts to sprout.
If you have some thyme t-asparagus you could help out.

So, colored black or colored white or even collard green
May every per-sunflower and join the garden scene
All across the nation, the movement has begun
Kale-ifornia, Okra-homa, Washingtonion

Thank you to Elissa Brown, Noah Slovin, Diane Litwin, Rebekah Steinfeld, Annie Bass, and Rachel Katz for sharing this recording. (Aharon Varady held the camera steady.) Lyrics by Elissa Brown, Noah Slovin, and Diane Litwin. Thank you to Teva Learning Alliance for radiating on everyone a light that’s shining like the sun. Thanks to Hazon for sharing their pea costume. The more that we give the more we’ve got to give. It’s the way that we live, and it’s what we’re livin’ for! L’shana tova!


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