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תפילה לעולם החי | Prayer for the Living Earth, by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen


רִבּוֺנוֺ שֶׁל עוֺלָם, עוֺשֶׂה בְּרֵאשִׁית,
יְהִי רָצוֺן מִלְפָנֶיךָ
שֶׁתְּבָרֵךְ בְּרַחֲמִים אֶת בְּרִיאַתְךָ.
אֵל נָא,
בָּרֵךְ אֶת הַתֵּבֶל הַקָּדוֺשׁ הַזֵֶּה–
מֵהַנְּמָלִים עַד הַיּוֺנְקִים;
מֵעֲצֵיי הַסְּקוֹיוֹת הָעֲנָקִיִים
עַד הַחַיידָקִים,
מֵהַחוֺל עַל שְׂפַת הַיָּם
עַד הֶהָרִים, הַנְּהָרוֺת, וְהַנְּחָלִים
מִבֶּן הָאֶנוֺשׁ
עַד הָאֶנוֺשׁוּת כּוּלָה–
כׇּל מַה שֶּׁקָּיֵּם בַּתֵּבֶל הַזֶּה,
אֲנַחְנוּ מְבַקְשִׁים,
מֵעוֺמֶק הַלֵּב,
נָא אֵל, בָּרֵךְ הַכֹּל,
אֵל נָא, רְפָא נָא לַכֹּל.
Master of the Universe, Creator of All,
may it be your will
to bless with compassion your Creation.
Please G!d,
bless this sacred Earth,
from the ants to the cetaceans,
from the giant sequoia
to the bacteria;
from the sand at the edge of the sea,
to the mountains, rivers, and streams,
from each one of us
to all humanity–
all that exists on this planet,
we ask,
from the depths of our hearts,
please O G!d, bless it all,
please O G!d, please heal it all.
צוּר כׇּל הָעוֺלָמִים,
נָא, תֵּן בְּלִבֵּנוּ
אֶת הֲבָנַת הָהַשְׁפָּעָה שֶׁל פְּעוּלוֺתֵינוּ
עַל בְּרִיאַתְךָ.
Rock of All Worlds,
please, place in our hearts
understanding of the impact of our actions
upon Your Creation.
אֱלֹהֵינוּ וֵאלֹהֵי אֲבוֺתֵינוּ וְאִמּוֹתֵינוּ,
אֵל נָא!
עֲזוֹר לָנוּ!
חַדֵּשׁ בְּתוֺכֵנוּ אוֺמֶץ וְכֹחַ,
לַעֲשׂוֺת אֶת רְצוֹנְךָ בְּלֵבָב שָׁלֵם,
עֲזוֹר לָנוּ,
לְרַפֵּא בְּחָכְמָה אֶת גַנֶּךָ.
G!d of our ancestors,
O G!d, please!
help us!
Renew within us courage and strength,
to do your will with a full heart.
Help us
to heal with wisdom, your Garden.
גוֹאֲלֵנוּ, מַצִּילֵנוּ,
לַמֵּד אוֺתָנוּ
לִחְיוֺת אֶחָד עִם הַשֵּׁנִי,
בְּאַהֲבָה וּבְשָׁלוֺם,
בְּרַחֲמִים וּבְחֶסֶד.
בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יָהּ
עוֺשֶׂה נִפְלָאוֺת
וּבוֺרֵא אֶת הַכֹּל.
Our Savior, our Redeemer,
teach us
to live with each other,
with love and with peace,
in compassion and in lovingkindness.
Blessed are You, Yah,
Doer of wonders
and Creator of all.

“Prayer for the [Living] Earth (תפילה לָעולם [החי]‏)” by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen on 31 March 2016. Rabbi Allen writes, “I offer here a prayer for the Earth, which you may wish to use in your personal prayer practice or as part of a community to which you belong. It could be included as one of the prayers after reading the Torah.” [I have made several changes to the Hebrew for clarity. Many thanks to Baruch Sienna for vocalizing the Hebrew. –Aharon Varady, ed.]


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