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Invocation by Rabbi Irving Greenberg at the Democratic National Convention (2000)

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Loving God, Hashem, creator of the universe,
you created all human beings in your image,[1] Genesis 1:27. 
thereby bestowing upon each of us
the intrinsic dignities of infinite value,
and uniqueness.
In Torah teaching, you required us
to sustain the infinite value of humans
by overcoming poverty,
and hunger
and abolishing war,
to respect the quality of every human
by overcoming racism
and sexism.
And to uphold the uniqueness of every human being
by banishing stereotyping
and discrimination.
And you have given us humans
God-like capacities of mind,
and freedom.
But you asked us to use those God-like capacities
in partnership with you
for the purpose to repair,
and complete your broken world.

This week thousands have gathered
in Los Angeles
to choose leaders for our nation,
just as thousands gathered
in Philadelphia weeks ago
for this sacred purpose.
Wherever they met,
grant the blessing that their work
rise through ambition and competition
and beyond special interests
to attain this standard of tiqun olam
perfecting the world.

Loving God,
we pray for your servant
Joseph Lieberman
with gratitude for his goodness, integrity,
and the breakthrough which he represents.
Grant that his values rooted[2] original reads, “were outrooted.”  in family and faith,
his ability to hear all sides and to integrate the best,
be the inspiration to all Americans
so that all of us will strive continually
to be on your side
rather than claim
that you are on our side.
Bless and protect him and his wife,
the child of Holocaust survivors.
May she and the survivors continue to model
how the memory of suffering inspires us
to redouble our efforts
to end the pain of others.

Loving God,
we ask your blessing for Al and Tipper Gore.
For the leader who had the vision,
the decency, and the principled courage
to make this breakthrough.
Guide his leadership
for human needs
and human rights
and direct his way
to establish a caring society
and peace for the world.

And we pray
that all religions in America
and all secularists as well
now recognize
that so great are the unfinished tasks of protecting the world
that we must all partner together.
And with your help,
create a new birth of freedom
with justice,
and dignity for all.

עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם בִּמְרוֹמָיו
הוּא יַעֲשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם עָלֵינוּ
Oseh shalom bimromav,
hu yaaseh shalom alenu
[3] From the end of Alenu and the full ḳaddish. 
may loving God make shalom, peace,
for us,
for all who serve the god of humanity,
for all who seek to repair God’s world,
shalom — peace, wholeness, and completion —
in the work,
and let us say Amen.

This is the full text of Rabbi Irving Greenberg’s invocation offered on the third day of the Democratic National Convention, August 16th, 2000, corrected from the closed-captions feed offered by C-SPAN.




1 Genesis 1:27.
2 original reads, “were outrooted.”
3 From the end of Alenu and the full ḳaddish.

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