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הַנּוֹתֵן תְּשׁוּעָה | Prayer for the Government on Thanksgiving Day, offered by Rabbi David de Sola Pool (1945)

Source (Hebrew) Translation (English)

הַנּוֹתֵן תְּשׁוּעָה לַמְּלָכִים.
וּמֶמְשָׁלָה לַנְּסִיכִים.
וּמַלְכוּתוֹ מַלְכוּת כׇּל־עֽוֹלָמִים.
הַפּוֹצֶה אֶת־דָּוִד עַדְדּוֹ מֵחֶֽרֶב רָעָה.
הַנּוֹתֵן בַּיָּם דָּרֶךְ. וּבְמַֽיִם עַזִּים נְתִיבָה.
He who dispenses deliverance unto kings
and dominion unto princes,
whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,
who delivered His servant David from the destructive sword,
who makes a way in the sea and a path in the mighty waters,

הוּא יְבָרֵךְ. וְיִשְׁמֹר. וְיִנְצֹר. וְיַֽעֲזֹר.
אֶת־כׇּל־שָׂרֵי הַמְּדִינוֹת הָאֵלּוּ׃
may He bless, preserve, guard and assist
the President and Vice-President of the United States of America,
the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor,
and the people of this state represented in Senate and Assembly,
and the magistrates of this city.

מֶֽלֶךְ מַלְכֵי הַמְּלָכִים.
בְּרַֽחֲמָיו יְשְׁמְרֵם וִֽיחַיֵּים.
וּמִכׇּל־צָרָה וָנֶֽזֶק יַצִּילֵם׃
May the supreme King of kings
in His infinite mercy preserve them, grant them life,
and deliver them from all manner of trouble and injury.

מֶֽלֶךְ מַלְכֵי הַמְּלָכִים.
בְּרַֽחֲמָיו יִתֵּן בְּלִבָּם
וּבְלֵב כׇּל־יֽוֹעֲצֵיהֶם רַֽחֲמָנוּת.
לַֽעֲשׂוֹת טוֹבָה עִמָּֽנוּ.
וְעִם־כׇּל־יִשְׂרָאֵל אַחֵֽינוּ.
May the supreme King of kings
in His infinite mercy inspire the heart of them
and of all their counselors and officers
with good will towards us
and all Israel our brethren.

בִּֽימֵיהֶם וּבְיָמֵֽינוּ תִּוָּשַׁע יְהוּדָה.
וְיִשְׂרָאֵל יִשְׁכֹּן לָבֶֽטַח.
וּבָא לְצִיּוֹן גוֹאֵל.
וְכֵן יְהִי רָצוֹן
וְנֹאמַר אָמֵן׃
In their days and in our days may Judah be saved
and Israel dwell securely,
and speedily may the Redeemer come to Zion.
May this be the will of God,
and let us say. Amen.

This prayer for the government (“ברכה לממשלה”) was offered by Rabbi David de Sola Pool in his Service for Thanksgiving Day for Congregation Shearith Israel in 1945.




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