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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the Massachusetts State Senate: Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky on 24 March 1959

Extension of Remarks of Hon. Thomas J. Lane of Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, April 14, 1959.

Mr. LANE. Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks in the RECORD, I wish to include the prayer of Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky, of Lawrence, at the opening session of the Massachusetts Senate on March 24, 1959, who was the guest of Senator William X. Wall, Lawrence. Mass.

The following prayer was offered by Joseph Rudovsky of Lawrence:

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Today is Purim, festival of joy,
gladness dedicated to the proposition
that the Hamans of all ages—
merchants of prejudice,
purveyors of hatred—
may yet learn the truth “that to bigotry there can be no sanction.”[1] George Washington’s Letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island (1790) 
Purim, festival of religious equality,
commemorating the right of worship.
The privilege to stand stalwart,
consistent with one’s faith and belief.

On Purim we pray to thee,
O God, creator of all,
to implant in humanity
the qualities of love and understanding,
of courage and wisdom,
of patience and humility.
As we are grateful to Thee
for people of prophetic stamp,
so do we pray to Thee,
for our leaders,
who serve to inculcate these ideals in the people.

O God of our fathers,
bless us
and shield our leaders with wisdom and fortitude,
that they may lead the people in righteousness.
Enable our legislators to make of our land,
a land of justice and goodness for all.
Help them to organize our life
for a better day.
Strengthen their hands
and bless them with consecrated hearts
to serve our people with devotion and dedication,
that our land,
the land of the brave,
may ever be the home of the free,
its beacon shining,
a guiding light to those yet struggling
in darkness and oppression,
yearning for the light.
May their inspiration ever be peace,
and their lodestar ever be justice
for all mankind.


This prayer offered by Rabbi Joseph Rudavsky as an opening prayer for the Massachusetts Senate was added to the Congressional Record of the United States House of Representatives by Rep. Thomas Lane (MA 7- D) on 14 April 1959.



1 George Washington’s Letter to the Jews of Newport, Rhode Island (1790)

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