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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. Senate: Rabbi Israel Zoberman on 11 December 2014

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Israel Zoberman, Founding Rabbi of Congregation Beth Chaverim in Virginia Beach, VA.
Sponsor: Senator Mark Warner
Date of Prayer: 11 December 2014

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Our one God of life’s blessings,
Who brings us together to be one family
(gratefully united though gloriously diverse)
through the Divine commandments of loving-kindness.

May the awesome Author of an enchanting yet endangered universe
uplift our honored Senators
with the essential twin gifts of freedom and responsibility,
ever fulfilling the demanding American dream.

At these crossroads of compelling challenge,
may the Senators be reassured
that each human life is a singular journey of promising purpose,
that the Creator’s divinity
and human dignity
are inseparably linked.

May the Most High bless the Senators,
the Nation,
and humanity
with SHALOM’s sacred healing,
and harmony.

Recalling my early childhood
in a Displaced Persons Camp
in Germany’s American Zone,
and on my 40th anniversary in the rabbinic ministry
in the most ecumenical Nation under Heaven,
I am grateful.



113th Congress, 2nd Session
Issue: Vol. 160, No. 151 — Daily Edition (December 11, 2014)


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