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Invocation by Rabbi Harry H. Mayer at the Democratic National Convention (6 July 1900)


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O, our Heavenly Father,
Father, too, of all mankind,
Thou who art nigh unto all
who call upon Thee in truth,
we invoke Thy name to-day
with the thrill of stirring scenes
and strong emotions upon us
that we may profess before Thee,
the conviction of our hearts
that unless Thou art with us
we labor in vain.
We thank Thee
for the many worthy men
Thou hast raised in leadership over us.
Bless them and all those who labor
for the establishment of wise government
and just laws.
Make us to rejoice
not so much in the largeness of our domain
as in the spread of truth and justice.
Make us to perceive more and more clearly
our duties toward those who stretch forth unto us
their helpless hands in piteous appeal
for that succor which we
as common children of Thee, our Father,
dare not deny them.
May we be free
from bitterness
and bigotry
toward those who hold opinions
that clash with ours.
Thou, O Lord,
hast lifted up an ensign
to the nations from afar
and hast called for one of them
from the end of the earth.
May it come with speed, swiftly,
not to blight but to bless,
that the partition walls of party affiliation
and racial affinities dividing men against themselves
may be leveled
and Thy spirit of kindness
rule everywhere and always.
Oh, may there be none weary nor stumbling
among its men.
We ask it for the sake of Thy name.

The opening prayer for the Democratic National Convention in Kansas City on 6 July 1900 was offered by Rabbi Harry H. Mayer, and published on the first page of The New York Times, “A Day of Many Speeches” (7 July 1900).


A Day of Many Speeches – Rabbi Harry H. Mayer [at the Democratic National Convention 6 July] (NYTimes, 7 July 1900)




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