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Special Prayer for Our Soldiers and Sailors, edited by Rabbi Aaron Dym (1943)

https://opensiddur.org/?p=52573 Special Prayer for Our Soldiers and Sailors, edited by Rabbi Aaron Dym (1943) 2023-09-04 10:55:01 This "Special Prayer for Our Soldiers and Sailors" edited by Rabbi Aaron Dym is found just after the preface to the siddur, <span class="hebrew" lang="he">סדור תפלת ישראל: כולל כל התפלות לכל השנה</span> (Ziegelheim: 1943). Text the Open Siddur Project Aharon N. Varady (transcription) Aharon N. Varady (transcription) Aaron Dym https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Aharon N. Varady (transcription) https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ Military Personnel &amp; Veterans 20th century C.E. United States military 58th century A.M. English vernacular prayer World War Ⅱ

I have prepared a special prayer for you to say, when you have the opportunity, and especially on the battlefield. I am sure that you will find in this prayer spiritual relief, courage and strength. May it be to you the vehicle through which you will reach the Heavenly Father. It is my prayer that the gracious and Merciful God shall save you from all danger and evil occurrence, that a speedy victory may be yours, and that you may soon return to your loved ones healthy and happy, Amen.

Rabbi Aaron Dym,
Secretary of the Federation of Orthodox Rabbis of America.


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Oh merciful Father,
from Whom stems the source of life,
favor and grace,
have compassion upon me,
your servant
and hear my voice in prayer,
from the depths of my heart,
and let Thine ears be attentive
to the voice of my supplication.
Oh purify my heart,
that I may be fitted to walk
in the way of the upright,
before Thee.
Strengthen and uphold me,
weak in terrors snare.
Oh God,
open Thou my lips
and my mouth shall declare Thy praise.
Oh God,
Thou who through Thy holy Torah,
does command us to do good deeds,
to practise brotherly love,
peace and friendship
to all the peoples of the entire world;
to avoid hatred
and to love all creatures
and to help all in every possible way,
a breach and void has occurred in our days.
Our enemies, through their evil strength,
desire to put in darkness all the world,
to rule according to their own will,
and to destroy the foundations of civilization;
to abolish our faith in one God and His teachings.
All this, these tyrants and wicked seek to wipe out.
And they repeat again and again,
that they intend to blot out the remembrance of Israel,
and the freedoms of the democratic countries.
These wicked tyrants believe in their own might
and their own great strength.
They set themselves up as idols and gods,
and some even worship the sun,
and all deny the faith of the one God,
Who created all the world,
and Who is the father of all people.
And I, Thy servant,
who loves you
as a son loves his parents,
have the honor to be one of the military forces,
who have faith in You, our God,
to share the burden,
in this war against these tyrants.
Oh, God, our Father in heaven,
Thine is the greatness,
the power, the glory,
the victory and the majesty.
Make haste to help us.
Oh Lord, Our Salvation, and You, our God,
be with us, to save me
and all of my fellow men in the military forces,
from death,
from all trouble and evil occurrences,
and give us strength and might
to destroy our enemies,
who are Thy enemies too,
that these idols shall be utterly destroyed.
Arise Oh Lord, our God,
and scatter Thine enemies,
and cause those that hate Thee,
to flee before Thee,
and Thou shall remove
the dominion of the wicked from the earth,
so that the world may be reformed
by Thy kingdom,
and all the inhabitants of the world
shall know and understand,
that one God created us,
and all the people are the children
of One Father in heaven.
And thus may we found
a true and lasting peace.
Oh Father in heaven,
protect my dear ones,
and help me,
that I may be able to see them again,
and enjoy with them again
in all delight and goodness.
Oh God, great, mighty and revered,
in the abundance of Thy loving kindness,
grant peace, happiness, blessing,
grace, favor, and mercy,
to our Commander-in-Chief,
the President of our beloved country,
the United States,
and to his advisers and commanders.
Grant unto him and them
and discernment,
that they shall lead us in the right way,
so that we may not make any mistakes,
and not to be put to shame, nor ever confounded.
That we may attain a speedy victory and peace,
based on the ideals and principles of the prophets.
And that all shall remember our people Israel,
and recognize their right to live
and to serve God,
together with all other people,
in peace forever.
Oh God
send us a speedy redemption.
Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart,
be acceptable before Thee,
Oh Lord, My Rock and Redeemer,
Amen, V’amen.

This “Special Prayer for Our Soldiers and Sailors” edited by Rabbi Aaron Dym is found just after the preface to the siddur, סדור תפלת ישראל: כולל כל התפלות לכל השנה (Ziegelheim: 1943). Many thanks to Gary Zeitlin for sharing it.


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