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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Bernhard H. Rosenberg on 14 June 1979

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Bernhard H. Rosenberg, First Hebrew Congregation, Peekskill, New York
Sponsor: Rep. Hamilton Fish (R-NY)
Date of Prayer: 14 June 1979

Mr. FISH. Mr. Speaker, I want to take this opportunity to welcome to the Congress Rabbi Bernhard H. Rosenberg, a good friend and the spiritual leader of the First Hebrew Congregation of Peekskill, New York.

Besides fulfilling his duties as the leader of a large and active congregation, Rabbi Rosenberg is also a well-known writer whose articles on Jewish survival and the holocaust have been published nationally. He is an individual who is very active in community affairs and contributes a great deal to the welfare of the Peekskill community. I have known Rabbi Rosenberg for some time and we have worked together on projects on behalf of the Jewish community of the Hudson Valley.

He is a member of the Rabbinical Council of America, the New York Board of Rabbis, and the Yeshiva University Rabbinical Alumni. Rabbi Rosenberg has been involved as chairman and keynote speaker for numerous rallies on behalf of world Jewry and especially dealing with the memory of the six million Jewish martyrs that perished during the Holocaust. He is himself a son of survivors of the infamous death camp of Auschwitz.

I am indeed fortunate to have had the opportunity to invite Rabbi Rosenberg to open our legislative session with a prayer this morning. Rabbi Rosenberg is clearly a gifted man who has given leadership to his congregation and his community. I am honored by his presence here this morning.


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Master of the Universe
We gather today
to give glory and honor
to our flag and country.
On June 14, 1777,
the words of our valiant forefathers rang
throughout the corridors
of our hearts.
communicate these symbols to your children.
White signifies purity;
red, hardiness and valor;
blue, vigilance, perserverance, and justices.
Hope and liberty is our creed.
We will not compromise in our resolve.
Yes, we may have to sacrifice;
yet freedom is thicker than oil.
grant us the strength
and courage
to shine as the lighthouse
for democracy.
Grant us success
in the realm of commerce
and industry.

Grant our leaders
the intellectual and spiritual ability
to encourage, sustain and inspire
the populace of our cherished and treasured country,
the U.S.A.

Grant us the gift of shalom.

This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the sixth month of the first session of the 96th US Congress in the House of Representatives, and published in the Congressional Record, vol. 125, part 12 (14 June 1979), page 14951.


Congressional Record, vol. 125, part 12 (14 June 1979), p. 14951




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