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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Michael Lotker on 18 June 2014

https://opensiddur.org/?p=21537 Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Michael Lotker on 18 June 2014 2018-09-04 01:29:21 The Opening Prayer given in the U.S. House of Representatives on 18 June 2014. Text the Open Siddur Project United States Congressional Record United States Congressional Record Michael Lotker https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ United States Congressional Record https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/105 United States of America Opening Prayers for Legislative Bodies Priestly Blessing תחינות teḥinot 21st century C.E. 58th century A.M. English vernacular prayer House of Representatives Prayers of Guest Chaplains 113th Congress Birkat Kohanim

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Michael Lotker, Temple Ner Ami, Camarillo, CA
Sponsor: Rep. Julia Brownley, (D-CA)
Date of Prayer: 06/18/2014

Ms. BROWNLEY of California. Mr. Speaker, it is my great privilege to welcome a very good friend, Rabbi Michael Lotker, to be the guest chaplain of the House of Representatives today.

Rabbi Lotker is a teacher and a leader in Ventura County. He is the rabbi emeritus at Temple Ner Ami in Camarillo, California; the rabbi of Congregation Khilat HaAloneem in Ojai, California; and the community rabbi and teacher for the Jewish Federation of Ventura County. He is also a member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Board of Rabbis of Southern California.

In addition to his work as a rabbi, Rabbi Lotker is an author and a physicist, with a focus on researching alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal.

Known for his quick–witted humor, Rabbi Lotker writes parody songs for each of the Jewish holidays throughout the year.

For his spiritual leadership and thoughtful words, I would like to thank Rabbi Lotker for leading us in prayer today. ;

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Dear God,
You sustain us and inspire us.
Yours is the unity
connecting all things
created by You
and directing us
to serve You
in unity of purpose,
and strength.
Bless us with the resources
to do Your work.

The very name of this Nation,
the United States,
and the very name of this institution,
the Congress,
underlines the power
and indeed the holiness
of such unity.

I therefore humbly request
Your most ancient blessing
for the people of this great Nation
and for their elected Representatives.
יְבָרֶכְךָ֥ יְהוָ֖ה
יָאֵ֨ר יְהוָ֧ה ׀ פָּנָ֛יו אֵלֶ֖יךָ
יִשָּׂ֨א יְהוָ֤ה ׀ פָּנָיו֙ אֵלֶ֔יךָ
וְיָשֵׂ֥ם לְךָ֖ שָׁלֽוֹם׃
“May God bless you
and protect you.
May God’s light shine upon you
and may God be gracious to you.
May God’s face be lifted before you
and may God grant you peace.”[1] The Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) Numbers 6:23–27 


113th Congress, 1st Session. Congressional Record, Issue: Vol. 160, No. 95 — Daily Edition (June 18, 2014)

Link: https://chaplain.house.gov/chaplaincy/display_gc.html?id=2124



1The Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) Numbers 6:23–27



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