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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Herbert A. Opalek on 2 March 1978

https://opensiddur.org/?p=54574 Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Herbert A. Opalek on 2 March 1978 2024-03-02 08:22:31 The Opening Prayer given in the U.S. House of Representatives on 2 March 1978. Text the Open Siddur Project Herbert A. Opalek Herbert A. Opalek United States Congressional Record https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Herbert A. Opalek https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ Opening Prayers for Legislative Bodies United States of America 20th century C.E. תחינות teḥinot 58th century A.M. English vernacular prayer U.S. House of Representatives Prayers of Guest Chaplains 95th Congress
Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Herbert A. Opalek, Yeshiva Bais Isaac Zvi, Brooklyn, New York
Sponsor: Rep. Leo C. Zeferetti (D-NY)
Date of Prayer: 2 March 1978

Mr. ZEFERETTI. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to welcome today on behalf of my colleagues, Rabbi Herbert A. Opalek, executive vice president of Yeshivos Zichron Pinchos for boys and Kesser Malka for girls. Although still young, Rabbi Opalek has served the Jewish and general community at large as spiritual leader and university professor. As a scholar of note the rabbi has contributed much to the understanding of the Talmudic period, as well as legal studies of rabbinic jurisprudence.

At present, Rabbi Opalek serves as executive vice president to one of the fastest growing Judaic and rabbinic schools in the Greater New York area. Under spiritual and active leadership of my good friend, Rabbi David S. Helberg, Zichron Pinchos and Kesser Malka which is located in my district has achieved a high level of educational excellence. This school of learning is comprised of nursery, elementary, and rabbinic divisions. Rabbis Opalek and Helberg are active in community affairs and the yeshiva serves as a center for the dissemination of social service and community information.

There can be no doubt that this yeshiva is indeed a credit to its community. I know that my colleagues join me in saluting this outstanding religious and civic leader on this milestone of his life I am enormously proud to count Rabbi Opalek as both a constituent and a friend.


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We humble ourselves before You,
Adon Ha-Olam, Protector of Israel.
Know that we stand before You in prayer
here in this hall of law.
As this day’s session commences,
grant these legislators herein assembled
the wisdom to act in accordance
with Your wishes.
Remind us of our frailties
and infuse in us a spirit of morality.
Even as we stand before You,
we beseech You to protect
the leaders of our glorious land.
Nation of peace and prosperity
that has been blessed by You,
May it be Thy will
that it continue to flourish.
Do as You have promised
to Your people Israel
and vouchsafe that nation
shall not rise against nation.
Instill upon these Congressmen
the blessings that flow
from Your countenance.
At this crucial juncture of our history
assure the destiny of our country.
Never fail us
as we strive to do justice
and walk humbly in Thy way.
Enrich our lives, O our Father.
Clothe us in wisdom
and inner knowledge.
Arouse in us the capacity
to weigh our fate with great care.
Relying on Your mercy,
we ask Your help.
O Lord
hear the prayers
of Your people Israel.
Let life,
and goodness
be our lot in life.

This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the second month of the second session of the 95th US Congress in the House of Representatives, and published in the Congressional Record, vol. 124, part 4 (1978), page 5261.


Congressional Record, vol. 124, part 4 (2 March 1978), p. 5261




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