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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi David Saltzman on 6 September 1990

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi David Saltzman, Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, Aventura, FL.
Date of Prayer: 6 September 1990
Sponsor: Rep. William Lehman (D-FL)

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank Chaplain Ford for the privilege of having Rabbi David Saltzman as the guest chaplain this morning.

Rabbi Saltzman has served for the past 11 years as spiritual leader of the Aventura-Turnberry Jewish Center, a dynamic and growing congregation in our 17th Congressional District. This coming Sunday, I will be attending the official ceremony for the placing of the Torah in the new sanctuary.

Rabbi Saltzman was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Flatbush Yeshiva High School, and graduated from Brooklyn College, after first spending his freshman year at Bar Ilan University during the time of the Sinai campaign. He was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1965, where he was awarded the degree of doctor of divinity. He also holds a masters of Hebrew letters and master in academic administration.

Rabbi Saltzman has had a rich religious background, serving the spiritual needs of congregations in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and Florida, and as Navy chaplain in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and later with the marines in Vietnam.

This fall, Rabbi Saltzman will be leaving our community to serve as rabbi of the Conservative Congregation Moriah in Haifa, Israel. Our community will miss him, but we are most fortunate to have him with us today.


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O Lord who is manifest
in the wonders of the natural world
and in the story of humankind,
we are aware of the important moment in history
which we face.
As the seasons change,
now that Labor Day has passed
and the fall season is upon us,
we recognize that it is traditional
to begin to take stock of our deeds and thoughts
and resolve to utilize our spiritual resources and inner strength
in order to be more able to accomplish our goals for the future.
We pray that the leaders of our country gathered here,
will continue to hear the lessons of the past
and work to fulfill the dreams and ideals
that are yet to be realized.
May this country continue to grow
as a dynamic model of the flowering of the human spirit
and continue to be a bastion for liberty and freedom.
Our prayers are with the members of the Armed Forces
who are once again announcing to the world
that the United States has learned from our past
and is true to our ideals and purposes.
Bless all who are working
to ensure a world at peace
where individuals and peoples
can live with security.
May the power that created harmony in the universe,
grant us the ability to live in a world
where all God’s creatures understand the need for shalom,
peace, harmony, and a sense of completeness
and to that let us all say amen.


101st Congress, 2nd Session. C-SPAN.
Congressional Record, Vol. 136, Part 16 — Bound Edition, p. 23494.

Congressional Record v. 136, part 16 – 6 September 1990. p. 23494



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