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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. Senate: Rabbi Albert A. Pattashnick on 17 June 1965

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Albert A. Pattashnick, executive vice president, Talmudical Academy of Baltimore, Maryland
Sponsor: n/a
Date of Prayer: 17 June 1965


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אבינו שבשמים
Our Heavenly Father,
we seek Thy guidance
and Thy blessing
at this hour
when men of ill will
and evil design
promote the arts of war
in remote corners of this earth’s scarred surface.
Serious is the challenge
that freedom-loving America faces
when the blood of her sons
is shed on the field of battle.
O Thou,
who hast been the inspiration of our fathers in ages past,
when they sought to establish upon this continent
a nation conceived in liberty
and dedicated to the dignity and freedom
of each individual human being,
guide us also aright,
that we seek peace,
but not finch from the onslaughts
of godless, ruthless,
and unprincipled aggressors.
While we must develop superior military might
and diplomatic acumen,
we must also be filled with Thy holy spirit.
Our fathers faced greater odds in their day,
with fewer allies at their side
and more meager resources at their disposal;
yet, sustained by Thee,
they were not dismayed,
and victory perched upon their banners.
To win friends among wavering nations
and to influence those on our side
to continue to side with us,
we must manifest
by our own righteous conduct
the loftiness of the American dream.
In our relations with one another,
may we ever remember
that all of us are Thy children,
equally dependent upon Thee.
Despite differences of race, creed, and ethnic origin,
bring us together into an indissoluble bond
of friendship and brotherhood,
that, unitedly,
we may promote the welfare of our country
and increase the happiness of our fellow men.
Grant, O God,
abiding courage, faith, and wisdom
to our Chief Executive, President Lyndon B. Johnson,
the Members of this august body,
and all others who are charged with the great responsibility
of directing the affairs of our Nation.
Hasten the day
when the millennial hope
of universal peace
will prevail throughout the world,
with liberty and justice for all.

This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the sixth month of the first session of the 89th US Senate, and published in the Congressional Record, vol. 111, part 10 (17 June 1965), page 13996.


Congressional Record, vol. 111, part 10 (17 June 1965), p. 13996




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