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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. Senate: Rabbi David Philipson on 2 February 1904

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi David Philipson, Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Prayer: 2 February 1904

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Almighty God,
Father of us all,
in the presence
of the manifestations
of Thy supreme greatness
we humbly bow the head and exclaim,
“Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts;
full is the whole earth of His glory.” ׁ(Isaiah 6:3)

We thank Thee
for every noble thought
that has been thought,
for every unselfish deed
that has been performed,
for every inspiring word
that has been spoken among men.
We thank Thee above all
for this dear fatherland of ours,
the promised land of these latter days,
the new Canaan,
where modern prophets have preached
truths no less inspiring than those spoken
by Thy chosen messengers of old,
where ideals have been set
that point to the era of universal brotherhood and peace,
the hope of all the great spirits of the race.
To these ideals may we all remain true.

May those who guide the helm of our ship of state
be constantly mindful
of the high mission of this American people
among the nations of the earth
to stand as the exemplar of justice,
the protector of the weak,
the foe of all unrighteousness,
the scorner of all wrongdoing,
the lover of peace.
So imbue all with these ideals
that our dear land may stand to the very end
as the refuge of all those oppressed elsewhere,
the sanctuary of liberty,
the haven of peace.

May Thy blessing rest upon this place,
this holy place of the liberties of our people.

May Thy blessings rest upon the President,
his counselors and advisers:
upon all those intrusted
with the guardianship of our rights and liberties.

May peace and good will obtain
among all the inhabitants of our land.

May religion spread blessings among us
and exalt our people in righteousness,
that from one end of this great land to the other
may sound the glorious refrain,
“Praised be the Lord God
from everlasting to everlasting.”[1] Cf. Psalms 41:13, Psalms 106:48, 1 Chronicles 16:36, 1 Chronicles 29:10. 


This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the second month of the second session of the 58th US Congress in the Senate and was published in the Congressional Record, vol. 38, part 2 (1904), pp. 1497-1498. According to our research, this was the first prayer of a rabbinic guest chaplain recorded in the Congressional Record. (The prayer offered on 12 January 1904 by Rabbi Joseph Silverman of Temple Emanu-El (New York) was not recorded in the Congressional Record.)


Congressional Record vol 38 part 2 (1904) p. 1497

Congressional Record vol 38 part 2 (1904) p. 1498



1Cf. Psalms 41:13, Psalms 106:48, 1 Chronicles 16:36, 1 Chronicles 29:10.



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