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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. Senate: Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg on 21 February 1974

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, D.C.
Date of Prayer: 21 February 1974
Sponsor: n/a

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We cannot merely pray to You, O God,
To abolish war and starvation;
To root out prejudice;
To end despair and disease.
For we know that You have made the world in such a way
That man can find his own path to peace,
That man can develop the resources
With which to feed the entire world.
That we can see the good in all men
And use our minds to bring dignity and healing to our brothers.
Therefore we pray to You instead, O God,
For strength, determination, and will-power,
To do instead of just to pray,
To become instead of merely to wish.
For Your sake and for ours,
Speedily and soon,
That our land may be safe,
And that our lives may be blessed.
May the words that we pray,
And the deeds that we do
Both be acceptable before You, O Lord,
Our Rock and our Redeemer.

This prayer of the guest chaplain was offered in the second month of the second session of the 93rd US Congress in the Senate. The source images of the prayer were copied by Howard Mortman and shared via his @CongressRabbi Twitter account. All credit to Howard Mortman for his research in digging up this prayer. Unfortunately, neither the source images nor his tweets provide an exact citation reference to the volume, issue, and page number of the Congressional Record in which the prayer was published. If you know, leave a comment, or contact us.


Prayer of the Guest Chaplain (Joseph Weinberg, 21 February 1974)




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