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Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. Senate: Rabbi Milton Balkany on 7 November 1991

Guest Chaplain: Rabbi Milton Balkany, dean, Bais Yaakov School of Brooklyn, 1362 49th Street, Brooklyn, New York
Date of Prayer: 7 November 1991


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Almighty God,
the august assemblage of our esteemed Senators
stand before You in prayer.
We recognize that prayer brings to us
resources from another world—
the world of spirituality and holiness.
We need Your help and blessings
to enable us to cope with the problems,
temptations, and difficulties
of our duties.
Invoking Your mercy and might
is our most efficacious means
of guaranteeing peace and security
for the harassed and helpless people
of the Earth.
We are thankful for this blessed country
of the United States of America,
the land of plenty and freedom.
We need Your divine guidance
to bring peace, civility, and harmony
within our communities.
We seek oneness, not sameness.
To make all people the same
would debase our quality,
but oneness would raise it.
Inspire us to seek the noble and supreme ideal.
We can win the world by example.
We recognize the great opportunities
in the changing world.
When Godless and ruthless regimes crumble,
we must exhibit our allegiance and dedication
to the principals of our democracy.
The clarity of our vision
and the intensity of our idealism
mean that for us, at least,
the American dream is projected on a wide screen
in technicolor.
When the roots of optimism,
faith, and enthusiasm
sink deeply into the soil of our labors,
we shall harvest the glorious fruits
of successful achievement.
We worship You, O God,
in gratitude
and beseech You
in humility.


102nd Congress, 1st Session. C-SPAN.
Congressional Record, Vol. 137, Part 21 — Bound Edition, p. 30720.

Congressional Record v. 137, part 21 – 7 November 1991. p. 30720




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