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Deliver me, a contemporary adaptation of Psalms 140 by Rabbi Brant Rosen (2019)

https://opensiddur.org/?p=37503 Deliver me, a contemporary adaptation of Psalms 140 by Rabbi Brant Rosen (2019) 2021-06-06 13:12:05 Psalms 140 decries the injustice tolerated, supported, and rallied around within the community of Israel. This contemporary adaptation does the same. Text the Open Siddur Project Brant Rosen Brant Rosen https://opensiddur.org/copyright-policy/ Brant Rosen https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ Social Justice, Peace, and Liberty United States תחינות teḥinot 21st century C.E. 58th century A.M. English vernacular prayer paraliturgical Psalms 140 Psalms 140
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oh lord deliver me from my people
who wield their weapons with impunity
whose armies rain bombs on the imprisoned
whose apologists equate oppressor and oppressed
who punish resistance without mercy.

keep me from those who speak so easily of two sides
of dual narratives of complexities and coexistence
those who call submission peace and lawless laws justice
who never tire of intoning never again
even as they commit crimes again and again
who have forsaken every lesson they’ve learned
from their own history and their
own sacred heritage.

like jacob i have dreamed fearful dreams
i have struggled in the night
i have limped pitifully across the river
and now like jacob in my last dying breath
i have nothing left but to curse my own
whose tools are tools of lawlessness
who maim refugees who dare dream of return
and send bombs upon the desperate
for the crime of fighting back.

so send me away from this people
this tortured fallen assembly
keep me far from their council
count me not among their ranks
i can abide them no longer.

Rabbi Brant Rosen’s contemporary adaptation of Psalms 140, “psalm 140: deliver me,” was first published on his blog on 5 May 2019.




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