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הַנּוֹתֵן תְּשׁוּעָה | Prayer for the Royal Family and Armed Forces of King Charles Ⅲ (2022)


Source (Hebrew)Translation (English)

The Torah scroll is held while the following prayer is said. All stand.
הַנּוֹתֵן תְּשׁוּעָה לַמְּלָכִים
וּמֶמְשָׁלָה לַנְּסִיכִים
מַלְכוּתוֹ מַלְכוּת כׇּל עוֹלָמִים
He who giveth salvation unto kings
and dominion unto princes,
whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom —
הוּא יְבָרֵךְ
אֶת אֲדוֹנֵֽינוּ הַמֶּֽלֶךְ
may he bless
Our Sovereign Lord,
King Charles (Ⅲ),
Our Gracious Queen Camilla,
the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge,
and all the Royal Family.
מֶֽלֶךְ מַלְכֵי הַמְּלָכִים
בְּרַחֲמָיו יְחַיֵּֽיהוּ
וּמִכׇּל־צָרָה וְיָגוֹן יַצִּילֵֽהוּ
May the supreme King of kings
in his mercy preserve the King in life,
guard him
and deliver him from all trouble and sorrow.
וִיבָרֵךְ וְיִשְׁמֹר
אֶת צְבָא הַמֶּֽלֶךְ.
May He bless and protect
His Majesty’s Armed Forces.
וְיִתֵּן בְּלִבּוֹ
וּבְלֵב כׇּל־יוֹעֲצַיו
רֽוּחַ חָכְמָה וּבִינָה
לְהַחֲזִיק שְׁלוֹם הַמַּלְכוּת
וְשַׁלְוַת עַמּוֹ
וְלַעֲשׂוֹת חֶֽסֶד וֶאֶמֶת עִם־כׇּל־יִשְׂרָאֵל׃
May he put into his heart
and into the hearts of all his counsellors,
a spirit of wisdom and understanding
that they may uphold the peace of the realm,
advance the welfare of the nation,
and deal kindly and truly with all Israel.
בְּיָמָיו וּבְיָמֵֽינוּ
יִפְרֹשׂ אָבִֽינוּ שֶׁבַּשָׁמַֽיִם
סֻכַּת שָׁלוֹם
עַל־כׇּל־יוֹשְׁבֵי תֵבֵל
וּבָא לְצִיּוֹן גּוֹאֵל
וְנֺאמַר אָמֵן׃
In his days and in ours,
may our Heavenly Father spread
the protection of peace
over all the dwellers on earth;
and may the Redeemer come unto Zion;
and let us say, Amen.

This is the formula of the prayer for the government established by chief rabbi Joseph H. Hertz as introduced in 1935 for King George IV at the Royal Jubilee Service and included in his revised Authorised Prayer Book, vol. II (1942/3), p. 506-507. In 2014, this formula was amended by Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of the Office of the Chief Rabbi of the UK and the Commonwealth, to include a short passage in recognition of the United Kingdom’s armed forces.


Tefilah l’Shalom haMalhut – Prayer for the Royal Family (Office of the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK and Commonwealth 2022) revision №1




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