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A Vaccine Prayer, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (2021)


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Dear God,
after all the loss,
the distance, the sadness, the aloneness,
Give me life. Grant me back Your world. Please.
Give my children reason for hope. Please. Please.

Holy Healing One,
May the vaccine I’m about to receive be a sign
that healing is arriving once again in our world,
for all Your worried children.

May my body’s temporary discomfort sensitize me
to the needs of this fragile world
that remain invisible to the eye.

May my body’s pent-up tension,
held back during an unfathomable year of constriction and stress,
be channeled in a healthy way for those around me.

May the scientists and doctors and nurses
who have served as your angels
and saved our world
be granted restoration of soul and healing of mind.

I pledge before You, Source of All,
to do as much good as I can
as long as my soul is within me.

May I be granted a life
filled by the honor of serving You
by serving others.

Thank You. Goodness.
Thank You. Healing.
Thank You. Life.


“A Vaccine Prayer” was first published by Rabbi Menachem Creditor on his website and shared by the author via the Open Siddur Project Facebook page.




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