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From the Depths: A Prayer For Christchurch, by Rabbi Menachem Creditor (2019)

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Dear God,
From the depths
we call to You.

Our broken hearts,
shattered like glass,
like a windshield,
or a child’s glasses,
or a sanctuary window…

This wounding moment – there, here,
to every ‘us’ imaginable,
Divine reflections fractured and bloodied
again and again, like a sick dream.

Dear God,
how do You endure this madness?
How do we?
Look what Your children
are willing to do to each other…

We collect these hard, cold, things,
glorify them like treasured keepsakes
forgetting their purpose is pure: to kill.

Holy One, we’re devastated. Again.
It’s really hard to remember a world
without bulletproof backpacks and armed guards
outside of every sanctuary.

Help us remember a world
that felt lighter than this one.

Fill our torn hearts with Your spirit
as we do the impossible work
of burying our dead,
cut down during prayer.

Remind us to show up at our neighbors’ mosque’s today,
with flowers and tears and outstretched arms.

Help us heal.
Help us heal each other
and fix the very broken world you bequeathed us.
We need You. We really need You.


“From the Depths: A Prayer For Christchurch” was written by Rabbi Menachem Creditor in response to the massacre of Muslims at worship during Friday services in Christchurch, NewZealand. He shared it through the Open Siddur Project via the Open Siddur Project’s Discussion Group on Facebook. #EndGunViolence #BuildOnLove

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