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Prayer for Salvation in the Future State (Olam haBa), by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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O Soul, Heavenly Spirit, given to me by Almighty God! not here beneath, not in this weary state of probation, canst thou hope to find thy home; this dark, perishable and frail cover was not designed for thy eternal habitation; no, thou wilt take thy flight into infinity; thou wilt soar up to those realms whence thou earnest: Fellow inhabitant of the world of immortality, from the hand of the Eternal this house of clay received thee; thou wilt again reach the hand of the everlasting God, and enjoy the purest and sublimest felicity in yonder fields of inextinguishable light.

When the sun shall sink for me on earth, when the arduous struggle for life shall be completed, and with it shall vanish the delusions of imagination, a new day will dawn for me yonder, where no winter follows the beautiful spring: yonder, where I shall again meet the dear ones whom death has torn away from me.

Full of consolation I therefore exclaim with the Psalmist “Thou wilt not leave my soul in the grave; neither wilt Thou suffer thine holy one to see corruption. Thou wilt show me the path of life: in Thy presence is fulness of joy at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”[1] Psalms 16:10-11.  Amen.

“Prayer for Salvation in the Future State” (i.e. Olam haBa — the World to Come) was first published in Marcus Heinrich Bresslau’s collection of teḥinot, Teḥinot Banot Yisrael: Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852).





1Psalms 16:10-11.



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