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[Prayers] in Memoriam, by Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1916)


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In memoriam.

It has been Thy will, O Lord,
to take unto Thee the spirit of (name: ……).
Praised, glorified and exalted
be Thy holy name.

Into Thy hand I commend his soul,
for it has returned to the God Who gave it.
May the memory of his life remain with me
for evermore.
I give thanks unto Thee, O Lord,
for the blessing of the gift of his friendship
which Thou didst bestow upon me
and which Thou hast now taken from me.
Make me at all times worthy of it.
Open now my heart
to the breath of Thy holiness,
so that by Thy love and mercy
I may receive strength and comfort;
and grant, I beseech Thee,
that I may one day behold his countenance
in Thy eternal Presence.

Grant, O Lord,
that the soul of my beloved (name: ……)
may rest for evermore
in the fulness of joy
in Thy presence.

Father of mercy,
may Thy consolation strengthen me,
as I remember (name: ……)
who has gone to his/her “eternal rest.
Grant, I beseech Thee, O Lord,
that I may at all times
be faithful to his/her memory,
and that I may ever live worthily
of the great and abiding love
that bound us together
in Thy Service.

Basil L.Q. Henriques’s prayer “In Memoriam” was first published in The Fratres Book of Prayer for the Oxford and St. George’s Synagogue Jewish Lads Club in 1916, and later reprinted in the Prayer Book of the St. George’s Settlement Synagogue (1929), “Special Prayers” section, pages 98-99.






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