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An Infinity of Amens, by Rabbi Hanna Yerushalmi (15 October 2023)


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There are no words for this moment.
How are we to feel…
About the fires in the sand
And the black rivers of loss.
And how the enemy unleashed horrors on them.
There are not enough memorial candles…
For those forced to leave the hallways of their hearts.
Cut down, years before their time.
And now everything, everything, everything
Will remember that they were there.
There are no more tears,
For the nation-wide alerts,
For crimson stained pillowcases,
For a charred red tricycle,
For a desecrated woman,
A mother’s anguish, a father’s brokenness,
For the obliteration
Of every single, dear, treasured
One-and-only, life—an extinguished universe.
There are no words.
Nevertheless, we gather now with wounded hearts,
And we lift each other up with weary arms,
And we pray with shattered spirits for shalom, peace.
Ancient prayers and finding our voice,
Whispering an infinity of amens.

“An infinity of amens” was written by Hanna Yerushalmi on 15 October 2023 in the aftermath of the massacres on Shemini Atseret 5784.




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