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On the Loss of a Beloved One, a prayer in the evening by Annie Josephine Levi (1900)


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On the loss of a beloved one
The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord. (Job 1:21)
God, as the shadows fall,
betokening the close of day,
my soul, too, is enwrapped in darkness,
my spirit is o’erwhelmed in gloom.
I would cry out to Thee in my affliction
and ask that Thy chastening hand
comfort me in these sad hours.
To whom can I go but to Thee,
Arbiter of my life and of that of the dear one
whom Thou hast seen fit to take from me?
To Thee alone must I confide my secret grief—
the world outside can offer no consolation.
O Healer of wounds,
behold the inmost recesses of my being,
and do Thou lend me strength to bear my trouble.
Ere I close my eyes in sleep,
let me hold communion with my God, and pray
that I may not fall into the depths
of hopelessness and despair.
Thou wilt hear me, Father,
for Thou lovest me.
Thy chastening hand
will also watch over my suffering spirit
in the silent hours of night.
Teach me not to murmur at Thy decrees,
but rather to believe
that whate’er Thou doest is best for me,
that I may rise from my bed of sorrow
purified, resigned.
Aid me, and I shall endeavor not to complain,
but give thanks unto Thee
for Thy many mercies towards me.
Let me awake tomorrow
prepared to fulfill my earthly duties,
and be helpful unto others.
Praised be Thy Holy name.

“On the loss of a beloved one (in the evening)” was written by Annie Josephine Levi and published in her anthology of teḥinot in English, Meditations of the Heart (1900), pp. 156-157.






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