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Prayer for a Widow at the Grave of Her Husband, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

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Flow unimpeded ye my tears, unload thyself, O sorrowful breast! Father! let me weep, let me now, alas, a widow, find relief and comfort in Thee. Dead and motionless, lies here one who but recently was joined to me; from me has departed he who was so truly and affectionately attached to me; O God, I could wish that animation and vitality, were again infused in this corpse, that it might rise from the grave, and waking again recognise me, as was granted through Thee in the days of Elisha and Ezekiel. All-just God Thou hast ceased pouring out upon me the cup of earthly happiness, and Thou makest me drink of one filled with wormwood. Give me strength O Father, that I do not sink; grant that the hope of resurrection may keep me erect. Assist me, O God, Thou who art the “Judge of the Widows,”[1] Psalms 68:5.  and be my staff and my stay. And thou dear departed, walk sorrowless in yonder regions where no night will follow thy day, and no grief thy joy. For an endless joyful union now hopes my mourning heart, as the ties which bind sympathising soul to soul, death cannot sever; yea, I shall meet thee again, as soon as upon my night also eternal day shall follow. Amen.

“Prayer for a Widow at the Grave of Her Husband” was first published in Marcus Heinrich Bresslau’s collection of teḥinot, Teḥinot Banot Yisrael: Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852).





1 Psalms 68:5.

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