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[Prayer] for Those in Sorrow, by Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques (1916)


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For those in sorrow.
Merciful Father,
be very near to those
who mourn the loss of dear ones.
Open their hearts to Thy love,
so that they may receive Thy consolation.
May they smile
in the knowledge of Thy comfort,
and grant unto them
the power to have faith
in the works of Thy hand.
Bind up, I beseech Thee,
their aching wounds,
and fill their hearts
with joy at the thought
that those whom they love and mourn
are with Thee and at peace.
Make them to feel
that the spirit of their loved ones
is ever near to them,
inspiring them
with courage and strength
to continue bravely
in their daily tasks.
Fill them, O God,
with the glorious hope
that the souls of those who have
loved one another upon earth
shall once more be united
in the life that is everlasting.

Basil L.Q. Henriques’s prayer “For those in sorrow” was first published in The Fratres Book of Prayer for the Oxford and St. George’s Synagogue Jewish Lads Club in 1916, and later reprinted in the Prayer Book of the St. George’s Settlement Synagogue (1929), “Special Prayers” section, page 99.






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