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A Child’s Prayer on its Birthday, by Frederick de Sola Mendes (1887)


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A Child’s Prayer on its Birthday.
On this my happy birthday,
my heavenly Father, I thank Thee
for all the good with which Thou hast surrounded me in life;
for dear parents, relations, teachers, friends and companions
whom I love, and whose affection
has made life so beautiful and sweet for me.
Grant me, my Father,
the happiness to show all these beloved ones
how grateful I am to them,
by my uniform desire to please them,
to do what is good and upright,
and at all times be true, affectionate,
and dutiful towards them.
Preserve them all in life and health and happiness.
And unto me, kind Father,
send health and happiness too,
that as I grow older I may grow wiser too,
and better,
and more and more obedient
to Thy will and Thy law.
Let me never forget
that my life and all that is in it,
comes from Thee,
and that it is my most sacred duty
to use that life well,
wisely and honorably.

“A Child’s Prayer on its Birthday” was written by Frederick de Sola Mendes and published in the anthology, The Jewish Home Prayer-Book (1887), page 130.






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