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[Prayer] on a Birthday, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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Pure as the odour of flowers my thanks arise unto thee, O Lord, enthroned on high, on this morning on which I received my life from thee. In thousands of streams thy goodness flowed unto me; from my being unto this day I enjoyed thy paternal grace and truth; when sorrow and grief encompassed me, thy assistance was near, when I sank into pain and sickness, and cried, O Lord support and help me, thou lendedst me Thy paternal arm, and I was saved; when I tottered in the path of piety, and with a contrite spirit implored forgiveness of thee, thou heardst my supplication, and wast gracious unto me, For these and other inexpressible benefits, as well as for the troubles, through which thou sometimes triedst me, in order to further my spiritual weal, my soul sings praises unto thee this day.

O may thy love also strengthen me in future, thy grace rejoice me in order that I, may in a worthy manner—consecrate my whole life unto Thee. Guide me in times of prosperity, and lend me fortitude in sorrowful days. Give me strength to practice to its full extent Thy commandment: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself;”[1] Leviticus 19:18.  let me find my happiness in the fulfilment of my sacred duties, and in my obedience, so that I may at all times enjoy Thy favour and the good-will of men. Amen.





1Leviticus 19:18.



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