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שמחת בת | Simḥat Bat of Amalya Shaḥar Exler-Kaunfer, by Rabbi Elie Kaunfer and Lisa Exler

R’ Elie Kaunfer and Lisa Exler kindly shared the Simḥat Bat ceremony they prepared for their daughter this past Monday, May 31st, at Fort Tryon Jewish Center.

This Simḥat Bat is really distinguished by Rabbi Kaunfer’s innovation in using milk in the context of a covenant ceremony. From the explanatory notes:

In place of the blood of the slaughtered bulls from the covenantal ceremony in Exodus, we looked for another substance to effect the covenant ceremony. Amalya was born right after Shavuot, on which we have a tradition to eat dairy. In fact, milk itself is associated with the acceptance of Torah, as described in the following Midrash which quotes a verse from Song of Songs (4:11):

Sweetness drops from your lips, O bride; honey and milk are under your tongue and the scent of your robes is like the scent of Lebanon.

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Download Simḥat-Bat-of-Amalya-Shaḥar-Exler-Kaunfer.pdf (PDF, 191KB)

Elie Kaunfer and Lisa Exler shared this Simḥat Bat Ceremony in the year 5770/2010 with a CC BY-SA license. Some additional material in the Birkhat Hamazon (Blessing for the Meal) was prepared by Dr. Devora Steinmetz and R’ David Silber.

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