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Prayer on the Day of Betrothal, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)


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All-merciful Father! God of Love!
Thou hast created for the soul
another soul to sympathise with it,
for the heart
another heart to beat similar to it.
O, grant that I may have chosen
a loving, noble being,
which among millions has been created for me,
and which can render me truly happy.

Bless my choice, O, Father,
so that there may proceed
from the union of our hearts and minds
joys without number.

Bless us with Thy love,
without which our days would pass away
in deep melancholy.

May the heart of him,
whom I have chosen for my partner in life,
beat with love of truth and virtue,
and cling to them with all intensity.

Pour out, All-loving Father,
the fulness of Thy mercy over his head,
keep him free from the deceptions of pretended friends,
remove him from everything which could deprive him
of a felicitous eternity by a dangerous though sweet enjoyment;
grant him sober reflection in hours of joy, fortitude and resignation
in time of trouble.

O That the spirit of true love may animate him,
for only such love it is, that renders us charitable and great,
humble and courageous!
It is such love only that beautifies the prospect of those fields,
whither all Thy creatures will have to travel
to attain salvation and higher felicity.

“Prayer on the Day of Betrothal” by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau was first published in his תחנות בנות ישראל Devotions for the Daughters of Israel (1852), p. 55.

In his preface to Devotions, Bresslau is clear that his prayers in English were adapted from traditional teḥinot that had earlier been published in France, Germany, and Poland. If you know of a specific prayer that may have served as the basis for this one, please leave a comment or contact us.






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